As acting chairman of the board of trustees, my responsibilities involve making key decisions in all areas, including on the objectives of the charity and ensuring that our performance is in line with our goals.  I also play an active role in fundraising and education initiatives, including public speaking presentations and leading volunteers on field expeditions. Through F.L.P, I published my first scientific research article after discovering a new population of the Mediterranean Killifish on Cyprus and will be co-authoring further research highlighting crucial conservation requirements in the coming years.

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Nowadays, C.E. Fish Essentials is an educational platform used to teach fish-keepers, researchers, scientists and nature-lovers about the natural habitats of fishes from around the planet through concise and informative articles contributed by numerous authors, including myself. Through C. E. Fish Essentials I can also often be found performing live demonstrations at local fish stores or fish-keeping clubs in and around the U.K. and Europe, showing aquarists how to recreate the natural habitats of their fishes in order to get the most out of their hobby and promote animal welfare and awareness of important conservation issues. 


Naturekind® Advanced Fish Food is the result of almost 6 years of exploration and field research, nutritional trials, laboratory tests and endless study compiled into a high-end, one-of-a-kind food product for ornamental aquarium fishes. It is based on the natural diets of fish species in the wild, with almost identical composition and in very similar concentrations; it includes algae, wild jungle fruits, insects, aquatic invertebrates and other natural ingredients with no synthetic additives, or preservatives. It is currently available from selected retail outlets in the U.K. and Europe.